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The old herbalists say that herbs are most powerful when you pick them yourself. A large part of the herbs they sell in pharmacies are cultivated, grown not at will in our forests and meadows, but planted and grown with fertilizers on some private farm. Such herbs are often left standing, and since they are very saturated with them, the volatile ingredients evaporate quickly. In this form, they refuse people herbalism because they do not have the power of the wild ones. After their use, the users think that the herbs do not help and turn their backs on herbal medicine altogether, they reach for chemistry, which cures one thing, and another goes to the movies, but we understand that after a while. That’s why I show you the herbs on this site, so you can pick them yourself and be healthy. I photographed most of them in the area of ​​the village of Makotsevo, where I only take them for personal needs.

Herbal Exchange Bulgaria offers the first platform of its kind, through which herbalists from Bulgaria and all over the world can freely post their requests for buying and selling herbs.


By registering, each of our users gets, completely free of charge, the opportunity to offer their goods. Also in his personal profile he can indicate the assortment of herbs and his annual capacity. If you need additional processing of the herbs, you can contact the indicated contacts.




Our Story


In a world of modern medicine, a dedicated herbalist emerged, steeped in the ancient art of plant healing. Their journey began with a humble herb garden, fostering a profound connection to nature’s remedies.

With unwavering passion, they established an herbal haven, sharing the magic of herbs through teas, tinctures, and wisdom. Their sanctuary offered workshops and consultations, empowering others to embrace holistic well-being. Despite skepticism, the herbalist’s results spoke loudly, attracting a devoted community of seekers. Their story stands as a testament to the timeless potency of herbs and the steadfast herbalists who safeguard their age-old secrets.

Company History

Our journey as herbalists began with a deep appreciation for nature’s healing gifts. Rooted in tradition, we cultivated our knowledge from ancestral wisdom and a love for herbs.

  • Starting small, we established an herbal haven where ancient practices met modern needs. Our herbal remedies, crafted with care, gained recognition for their efficacy and quality.
  • With a commitment to holistic well-being, we provided workshops and consultations to empower our community. Overcoming skepticism, our results spoke volumes, fostering a dedicated following.
  • Our story is a testament to the enduring power of herbs and the unwavering dedication of herbalists who preserve this age-old legacy.

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Farm Herbs

If you are a company that buys herbs, Bilkova Borsa is the place for you. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a purchase request. 

After approval, Bilkova Borsa will take care of everything else.

You can freely request the necessary quantities, and we will process the herbs according to the criteria you set and deliver them to the location you specify.

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